Founders Brewing Company Takeover At Tryst In Delray Beach

Ever since Founders Brewing came down to Florida last year, people have finally been able to sample the pretty stellar beer from this Michigan based brewery. Last Tuesday, Founders rep Lauren put on another top notch tap takeover, this time at one of downtown Delray Beach’s craft beer hotspots Tryst.

She was able to bring down a couple of rare and limited kegs which wowed those who came out, which just happened to be the right sized crowd: probably a bit less than twenty people for this moderately sized gastropub. In addition to some solid standards like All Day IPA, Porter, and Curmudgeon, a keg of Barrel Aged Red’s Rye made its way down here (I was informed it was the last keg left of eight in the state), the newest release of their triple IPA Devil Dancer, a keg of this years highly sought after KBS, and a case or two of the 2012 Bolt Cutter barleywine, of which I was able to grab a sip of. It was indeed boozy at 15.5% abv, slightly hoppy and showing signs of oxidation. A few more years down the road and that will be an outstanding sipping beer.

As I find at smaller gatherings such as these, everyone is excited to be there, ready to take their taste buds on a journey of exploration or to meetup with an old acquaintance.  For instance, a woman came out specifically to get a glass of KBS before dinner, and an older gentleman decided to wind down the early evening with pint after pint of All Day IPA.

For a Tuesday in downtown Delray Beach, it’s one of the nicer I’ve had in a while. A lot of the time, especially on the Ave itself, it can get a bit over-the-top with fancified food (of which I know Tryst is still fairly upscale), but when enjoying a few glasses of rarefied offerings from an established brewer like Founders, a bit of an upscale ambiance is enjoyable indeed.