Funky Buddha Brewery Throws Massive Anniversary Party – People Sweat, Beers Get Drank

For South Florida peeps, the Funky Buddha Brewery is their go-to craft beer destination, and something they hold on to with deep pride and respect. After all, their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter has brought national recognition to this otherwise sparse area in terms of beer culture.

I could write up all about the events that occurred this past weekend as the Buddha celebrated their first year as a production brewery, but I’ve already done so over on Clean Plate Charlie where I do most of my newsy writing. So instead, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts/comments/concerns that I discovered over the course of a couple of hours on Saturday.

1. People

As in, there are a lot of them. I calculated a metric fuckton that were hanging out inside and around the premises. Now, lots of people is normally a good thing, and shows that the populace are supporting you, but to have to squeeze through sweaty throngs, it gets to be a chore. Also, whomever decided to make the tables inside the taproom bolt to the ground, you win my ‘I Hate You’® award.

2. Beer Countdowns

I love these. It gets everyone in a celebratory mood and makes me feel like its New Years Eve every hour or so. Watching staff members jump on the bar is an event to behold.

3. Special Guests

As I was mentioning in #1, there are a lot of people, and that usually means a lot of people that you may know will show up. I ran into friends from Brown Distributing, bars I’ve frequented, Ruth from Bon Beer Voyage, and Gerard Walen of Beer in Florida and author of Florida Breweries.

Ruth Berman and Gerard Walen.
Ruth Berman and Gerard Walen.

4. The Beers

I’m not expecting standard pint glasses at a festival, nor standard 16 ounce pours. One of the big draws is to be able to sample from a rare and unusual portfolio (at least in Buddha’s case). What we’re getting are $5 beer tickets for 10 ounces of the ‘not-so-rare’ beers and 7 ounce pours of the rare ones. Are the prices worth it? Usually. But I had at least one that I didn’t really want to finish. That’s what you bring friend along for, right?