Cigar City Brewing’s Hopped On The High Seas Goes On Hiatus

One of the more unique beer programs in the craft beer world has been put on hiatus.

In a chat with Cigar City Brewing‘s Vice President Justin Clark, I was informed that the brewery will unfortunately have to be putting their successful Hopped on the High Seas program to rest for now.

“Hopped on the High Seas is on hiatus,” he told me, citing CCB’s need to find another brewery to take up the project.

The popular beer series, in which tanks full of an IPA brewed in Puerto Rico and then dry hopped and shipped to Tampa, went through six different hop varietals for each voyage.

  • Batch #1: Simcoe
  • Batch #2: Ahtanum
  • Batch #3: Citra
  • Batch #4: Experimental Hop #529
  • Batch #5: Kohatu
  • Batch #6: Calypso

On the flip side, Clark talked a bit about the Brew Hub partnership. Brew Hub is a massive facility in Lakeland, Florida that will act as an extender to brewers, allowing them to contract brew certain beers in order to meet their market requirements. “Brew Hub makes it easier to add more beer… more beer means more relationships.” That means the possibility of more regionalism from Cigar City who has in the past been stymied in its growth by capacity.