Shock Top Ads Decry Craft Brewers As Trying Too Hard

Shock Top, Anheuser-Busch’s Belgian-style wheat ale that was introduced in 2006, has a series of advertisements out showcasing their orange-slice mascot, called ‘Wedgehead’, engaging in conversations with unbeknownst actors… who play the part of ‘regular folk’ looking for a pint of beer.

“You know these beers, they’re trying too hard, you know what I mean?” the animated tap handle asks a couple of beer drinkers as they order and consume a Shock Top.

“15 names, Willabeast [sic] Three Headed Unicorn, what is that? 17 varieties served in a fedora, come on I’ll do mine in a glass… everyone’s trying to be so fancy.”

Yet here I am, thinking that ‘fancy’ is a beer that requests an orange slice in it… but what do I know?

There are more equally interesting adverts that have been put out, some featuring the same talking draft tower handle, and some with a talking cold beer case.

The series was put together by Canadian ad agency Anomaly, and are all available on the Shock Top YouTube page.