Southern Tier Are The Pumkings Of Seasonal Beer Creep

It should come as no surprise that pumpkin beers are now beginning to hit the market. After all, last year I wrote about South Florida getting their hands on kegs of Southern Tier’s Pumking on July 12th.

This year, Southern Tier is pushing the boundaries with the release of their pumpkin beer, traditionally a fall staple, on June 30th. Al’s of Hampden, a bottle shop in Enola, Pennsylvania posted up this image to instagram showing cases upon cases of the stuff.

Get it while it lasts.

A photo posted by Albert Kominski (@alsofhampden) on

I won’t get into my love/hate relationship with the beer style, but I will say this: It’s July, people. I still want fresh summer beers, dammit.

Personally, pumpkin beer season doesn’t start until Cigar City Brewing releases its Good Gourd in August. Yes, I can just stick my fingers in my ears and ignore this other nonsense in the mean time. *BLAH BLAH I CAN’T HEAR YOU*