Sunday’s Craft Beer Catch-Up, Forth Of July Edition

The big beer drinking day this week was Friday, where World Cup action reigned on the television, craft beer flowed from the refrigerator, and fireworks exploded on the beach.

Here’s what went down:

1. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

The standard bearer of inexpensive American marzen beers. Rich caramel notes dance with hop bitterness to provide a supremely balanced everyday beer.

2. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

I drank this the most, as it’s one of my favorites from Sierra Nevada (after the wet hop Celebration ale). Big hop flavors push this West Coast styled ale into that ‘must-have’ category.

3. B Nektar Meadery’s Kill All The Golfers

Not a beer but a mead, this ‘Arnold Palmer’ styled beverage is brewed with honey, black tea, and a bit of lemon. It comes off like a moderately¬†sweet cider/mead type drink. Quite enjoyable, especially to mix it up for some non-beer drinkers.