Saltwater Brewery Adjusting Recipes, Aiming To ‘Dial In’ Their Core Beers

Recipe changes aren’t all the unusual in the brewing industry, especially when it comes to rare and uncommon hops, specialty malts, and uniquely sourced adjuncts.

For Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, who enters their 11th month of operation in November, is seeking to ‘dial in’ their recipes before making their commitment to running their beers through their upcoming canning line.

Head brewer Dustin Jeffers told us that they are  “toning down caramel malts” for their South End Session, “focusing up on the hops, giving it more of a backbone.”

Screaming Reels IPA, another of their core beers will have the rye and caramel malts toned down or removed, making it “a lot lighter in color and simpler in malts so the hops shine through.”

“If you’re [a new brewery], now’s the time to change stuff. This is a little more of a drastic change… now’s a good time, before we get our canning line. We wanted to dial in the beers to what we wanted.”

He went on to explain that breweries shouldn’t be content with just one iteration of their beer. “If there’s a new technique, brewers should use it. I feel like its a good thing.”

I was told that in the next few weeks, this new reformulation of these beers should be coming out of the fermenters and into the taproom. After that, I’ll have to take a look at what this changes about the flavor profile. The reduction of caramel malts (something I have learned to take it easy with as a homebrewer) should lend itself to a cleaner hop profile on these beers that many would next expect to find a strong malt backbone with.