Gold Coast Beverage Continues Absorption Into Reyes Beverage, Lots Of Layoffs

The South Florida distribution scene is reeling after the recent sale of Gold Coast Beverage in November to one of the largest beverage distributors in the country, Reyes Beverage Group. The move, at an unprecedented sum of $1.1 billion, made it the largest in the country.

The Doral based distributor is continuing its absorption into the Reyes Beverage portfolio with the removal of many upper echelon staff and the reassignment of many others, according to a source inside the company.

After the announced purchase, workers were given the required notice by law that their jobs were in jeopardy and were asked to reapply for their positions.

The 2014 Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Notices page hosted by the state of Florida declared 902 employees affected in the takeover.

Hopefully many of the hard working day-to-day deliverers of craft beer will remain, as well as the well versed and educated Cicerones who help out educating consumers.