The Beer Taster Podcast Episode 3 – Funky Buddha Brewery’s New Bottling Line with John Linn and KC Sentz

Last week I was invited to the Funky Buddha Brewery on a warm December afternoon to take a look at the brewery’s latest mega-machine: an Italian bottling line that could fill dozens upon dozens of beers a minute. I chronicled the experience in written form over at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times[popout].

Here, I have included my full audio experience. Yes, it’s a bit noisy. They were bottling a shit ton of Floridian, their hefeweizen, after all. During the hour or so there, John Linn, the brewery’s brand director, showed me around and explained quite a bit about the operation. We even got to speak with KC Sentz, one of the owners, about the expansion, and Ryan Sentz shows up as a crow. A crow? You’ll have to listen below to find out.