Esquire’s Brew Dogs Filmed Some Sweet-Sweet B-Roll At Saltwater Brewery

Brew Dogs, that veritable travel show of beer in which BrewDog co-founders Martin Dickie and James Watt venture out of the UK and travel to the United States in search of craft beer, hit South Florida this week as part of a region-specific episode highlighting all the good that has been going on in the beer scene.

This Wednesday part of the production company swung by Delray Beach’s Saltwater Brewery for a few hours of shooting B-roll, that fun video production term that means lots and lots of cutaways, dolly shots, and all the rest that doesn’t involve the principal actors.

We’ve got a couple of pics below for you. The entire team there (Chris, Dustin, Peter, Bo, Bill, and all the rest) were gracious enough to let me pop behind the scenes in the brew house to snap a few images.

There’s more Brew Dogs to come, with the unveiling of their collaboration beer with Wynwood Brewing Company coming this Saturday, February 14th at, where else, Wynwood Brewing Company.

Brew-Dogs-at-Saltwater-Brewery-bar Brew-Dogs-at-Saltwater-Brewery-tapped Brew-Dogs-at-Saltwater-Brewery-barrel Brew-Dogs-at-Saltwater-Brewery-filming Brew-Dogs-at-Saltwater-Brewery-sign