Learn To Make Mead At BX Beer Depot This Saturday August 1st

Have you ever wanted to make the nectar of the gods in your own home? This Saturday August 1st, learn how to make mead at the BX Beer Depot in Lake Worth, where they’ll be hosting a brewing class and tasting starting at 2pm to celebrate National Mead Day.

“We will hold a small mead making class that will go over the basics of meadmaking, treatments, and recipe creation,” the company said. “You will get to sample several different commercially made meads along side some home made meads brewed by our resident mead maker Dane. The class will be $10 per person and you’ll receive 20% off our 1 gallon Mead Making starter kit featuring Florida Orange Blossom Honey.”

If you already make mead at home and want to share some mead with other like-minded individuals, the Depot invites you to come on by as well for a bit of a ‘mead share’.

They will have bottles of Moonlight Meadery’s Fury (a carbonated mead with peppers) available for purchase as well, so if you get into it, you’ll have something to share or take home with you.

Learning to brew is one of the best ways to understand the concepts of beer, and in this case mead, and can bring great insight into the process, furthering your understanding of the craft.