Home Brewer Creates Mojito Cream Ale With Concrete Beach Brewery Contest

After sorting through dozens of qualified entries, the brewing team at Concrete Beach Brewery has selected the winner of their first “What Brews You?” contest. The winner, Dave Butler of Tamarac, and writer of FloridaBeerBlog.com, suggested “a mojito cream ale. Light ABV, with big flavors of lime and a slight mint undercurrent. Possibly with some aging in rum-soaked oak.”

Dave will now have the opportunity to make his beer concept come to life with the help of the brewing team at Concrete Beach Brewery in the Wynwood district of Miami. The finished version of Dave’s creation is currently on tap at the Social Hall.

“I had Concrete Beach on the radar, and I’ve always wanted to brew on a professional system,” Butler told me. “When the contest came out, and I had the chance of actually brewing a big scale beer, I knew I had to. And getting a kegerator was just the icing on the cake.”

“I knew the beer had to celebrate Miami culture and Miami food with the beer, and few things are quintessentially Miami more than a mojito. I had to decide what a good style would be, and I really didn’t want to do another IPA, so I decided on a cream ale. It’s light, soft, flavorful but not bitter or brutal at all.”

“I actually helped a lot during brew day. It was a long day and I had actually thrown my back out that morning, which made it a bit worse. But it was exciting to make so much of my beer. Chris McGrath, Concrete Beach’s head brewer, has been so wonderful and so open during the recipe development process.”

The next Pro-Am style contest winner is Will Isaacson of Fort Lauderdale, who suggested the 8th Street Kumquat Whiskey Sour, a sour ale brewed with a healthy addition of Miami-grown kumquats and aged in whiskey-soaked oak. His beer will be brewed in the coming month.

You can watch some of the brewing process below, and hear more from Dave and Chris.