Funky Buddha Brewery To Join Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp 2016, Brew Test Batch At Wicked Weed

The big news this week is the return of Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across American series, which last year made headlines with its unique ability to share beer from breweries across the country… well, across the country. Areas that aren’t able to see distribution from breweries got a change to sample something unique, and it showed the great strides that American craft has made in the past few years in both style and growth.

This year is is back, with some bigger changes, including a showing from one of South Florida’s influential breweries.

“Inspired by rock ‘n’ roll Super Groups, we’re teaming up with 30 talented breweries to make six Super Groups of our own,” the brewery touts on its microsite. “Sierra Nevada, along with these bands of brewers, will create an all-new mixed pack of beers that showcases the art, spirit and attitude of American craft beer.”

The pack will be split among six different regions of the country, with each region producing one of the beers in a mega collaboration. For us in the Southeast, the breweries featured will be:

  • Funky Buddha Brewery – Oakland Park, FL
  • Wicked Weed Brewing – Asheville, NC
  • Austin Beerworks – Austin, TX
  • Bayou Teche Brewing – Arnaudville, LA
  • Creature Comforts Brewing Co. – Athens, GA
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Mills River, NC

With the addition of locals Funky Buddha, I had to find out whatever I could from owner and brewer Ryan Sentz.

“Just got back from our trip to Asheville,” he told me. “We actually did our first test batch at Wicked Weed yesterday.” Always the experimenter, the team at Funky will be putting together a slightly different version of the recipe to see which one they like more.

“After that we will go back to Asheville and brew a pilot at Sierra.”

Not a bad way to spend some time working.

I wanted to know if had an idea about the selection process, and all that he knew was, “Who the hell knows?!? It was probably a mistake, so I didn’t bring it up so they didn’t get a chance to change their mind!”

So what can we expect next year from the Southeast? Ryan was tight lipped (everyone knows that loose lips sink coolships) as to the recipe or style, but did leave us with one nugget. “I will say this….it is going to be f’in delicious!”