It’s Official: Saltwater Brewery Promotes Head Brewer

Saltwater Brewery out of Delray Beach is going through some personnel changes, namely in their head brewer.

In July, I was able to share the news, but it is now being shared through official channels by the brewery.

“Here at Saltwater Brewery, we’re always working to grow the business and improve everything – from the quality of our beer, to the experience our customers have when they come to the Tasting Room. You may have noticed a change specifically in the taste of our beer over the past few months, for the better, of course.”

“We’ve revamped our brew team, officially designating Dustin Jeffers as Head Brewer starting in July 2015. Dustin has been with us from the beginning as a Co-Founder, and originally served under Bill Taylor, our previous Brewmaster. We could not have launched the brewery without Bill’s help and years of experience, but to meet the demands and preferred taste of the South Florida market, jointly decided that Bill’s departure and Dustin’s promotion was the clear choice and right decision.”

“The current brew team, managed by Dustin, is an awesome group with incredible talent. They have been running the show for the past 2-3 months and are responsible for launching our line of canned Screamin’ Reels IPA.”

The way in which this brewery has adapted to market is incredible.