Lake Worth’s Bx Beer Depot Hosts Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition October 3rd

Autumn is one of my personal favorite seasons for beer. Not because of pumpkin beers (I find most to be watery and one dimensional), but because of the Oktoberfest style: rich, malty lagers that deliver the season right down my gullet.

Hell, most of the German styles appeal to me this time of year: Dunkelweizen, Marzen, Helles Bock, Doppelbock (sooo delicious), and even the Dusseldorf Alt Bier. These styles also appear to appeal to the hosts at Bx Beer Depot in Lake Worth, as they are having a homebrew competition that will focus on these kinds of beers.

Their event will be held on October 3rd from 4 to 8pm. The judged category will allow beers that hail from the following list of BJCP styles: Hefeweizen (10a), Dunkelweizen (10b), Kolsch (5b), Berliner Weisse (23a), Gose (27), German Alt Bier (7b), and Pumpkin (Specialty). Oktoberfest/Marzen (4b), Dunkel (8a), Helles Bock (4c), Maibock (4c), Doppelbock (9a), and German Pilsner(5d).

There will also be an open category with an “anything goes” format. As the Depot says, “Our recommendation is that you bring a beer that will be a crowd pleaser, as this contest has the crowd to vote for a winner. It’s basically a ‘People’s Choice’ contest. We also recommend a MINIMUM of one gallon brought to the contest. Any previous homebrew winner will tell you that it’s best to bring more beer. If they like your beer, they will keep drinking it and you don’t want to run dry!”

No one likes a brewer without any beer.

For details on how to enter, hit up their competition page.

Those who wish to simply sample for the four hours will have to pony up $15 for the honor. That’s about what two pints cost at a bar.