Saltwater Brewery’s Pumpkin Stout Aged In A Rum Barrel With Fireball And Seagrape Comes October 31st

Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach has a unique Halloween treat for beer enthusiasts in South Florida: a complex barrel aged pumpkin stout.

The beer is the brewery’s 2014 Pumpkin Puffer Stout, a pumpkin stout brewed with real pumpkin and spices, and aged in a Fireball and sea grape wood conditioned/re-charred oak barrel for one year. Yes, the Gods must be crazy.

As the brewery states, “We acquired an old Rum Barrel (Oak) that was pretty dry and in need of reconditioning- We first conditioned the barrel w/charred seagrape wood, we then poured a handle of Fireball whiskey into the barrel to re-condition the oak, and literally lit the fireball ‘on fire’ in the barrel, creating a literal ‘Fireball’, burning off the alcohol from the whiskey (Do NOT try this at home!!) leaving nothing but smoke & smokey cinnamon aromas lingering in the barrel. THEN…….We put 2014 ‘Pumpkin Puffer Stout’ in the barrel and let is sit for a FULL year.”

“The result is a beast of a beer. Very prominent rich oak flavor accompanied by dark malt, and hints of spice. The pumpkin and spice flavor were subdued over time and taken over by a deep oak aroma and flavor accompanied by a subtle charred smokey flavor, the Rum actually came through more than we expected, being it was a dry barrel. Truly a beer drinkers beer.”

The beer is set to be released at noon on October 31st.