Speaking About Local Breweries With The Palm Beach County Public Library

This past Tuesday I spoke on the local South Florida craft beer scene at the Main branch of the Palm Beach County Public Library System.

It was a program to spring board off of their Book Life series, where interesting locals come to talk about topics that are broached by the books that are selected to be read.

My talk is titled ‘On Tap: The Local Craft Beer Scene’, which focuses on being an introduction to the South Florida craft beer scene, with quick info on local breweries, craft beer bars, and popular brews. Just a year ago, I would have talked at length about each local brewery: there were only a handful. Now, I have to keep things moving right along to hit each one, and I’m just referring to those in Palm Beach and Broward counties!

So today (Thursday October 15th), I will be speaking again, this time at the West Boca Raton branch. The talk is free, so just show up at 6pm to learn a little bit about the local industry. If you’re reading this you probably already know a lot, especially since this is an introductory type lecture.

If you are interested in having me come and speak about local South Florida craft beer, about beer styles, tastings, or other beer related topics, send me an email at info@thebeertaster.com.