One Blogger’s Quest To Get February 15th Declared ‘Florida Beer Day’

Craft beer blogger David Butler is looking to make February 15th ‘Florida Beer Day’, a day of celebration of the strength and improvements made by the beer industry of this state in the last hundred plus years.

In an email sent out Thursday afternoon, he laid out the foundations of his idea.

My name is David Butler. Since March 2013, I have been writing, a Ft. Lauderdale-based web site devoted to celebrating and promoting Florida beer and brewing.

On Feb. 15th, 1899, our state saw the opening of its first locally owned and operated brewery, Florida Brewing Co. While the brewery is no longer in operation, it is the starting point of a long and proud brewing tradition that you are helping to continue.

To that end, I will start promoting that we make Feb. 15th, 2016 the first Florida Beer Day, a day where we all can celebrate the economic, cultural, and societal impact that brewing has made in the Sunshine State.

I am not asking for any sort of financial assistance, giveaways, or anything else. At this point, I am trying to increase awareness and generate enthusiasm of the event. If there is any way you can mention it on social media and/or in your tap rooms, that would be wonderful. This way, in future years, we can hopefully expand the event to include festivities, merchandise, etc.

Perhaps this will lead the impetus to further hone the state’s beer consumer education, especially as the number of people joining the craft beer movement is expanding.