On Doing The Ethan Skolnick Show And Talking Local Beer

It always starts with something small. Friday afternoon, I get a tweet. It’s from Topher. He says he’s the producer for the Ethan Skolnick Show, a well-known sports-oriented AM radio show in Miami. The first sign that this was legit was the verified twitter account.

We talk. He informs me that they brought up beer in a previous show, and the audience enjoyed it. So they’re doing it again. Only now with a third party, someone who knows about beer.

At 6:16 on the dot I get a call from the station, asking if I’m good to go in 30 seconds. I say yes and I’m connected into the show. It’s running commercials and sounds like I’m listening to the radio in high definition. I don’t know why I expected worse sound quality, but maybe it’s because AM is not the most robust of broadcast mediums. With no real prompting beforehand (just that Ethan and Chris would like to talk about beer on the show), I come on and do my best to answer the questions and join in the conversation that comes up.

Because it’s a local show I decide to steer things into the local brewing sphere. After all, that’s where my focus and passion lie, with our growing cottage industry of brewers. With the slight audio delay between us, it’s only a little awkward, and not being too familiar with the show’s personalities, I’m not sure where to focus any of my usual jovial and casual nature.

In the end, I hope to be back, if not on the show itself at least on radio and other broadcast mediums. Not because of the fame and fortune that would ensue (there would be none of either in reality), but because it is an avenue to help educate consumers on what is available in their home town. There are options for them that are brewed by local people for local people. It’s money that goes back into their own community’s economies.

And my scumbag brains decides to read the word ‘Ethan’ and say the word ‘Evan’. What the hell brain?