Palmetto Brewing Company Signs Canning Deal With Brew Hub

St. Louis-based Brew Hub has signed an agreement with Palmetto Brewing Company that will allow the Charleston, South Carolina-based craft brewer to increase production to help introduce Palmetto’s first line of canned beers. These beers will be brewed at Brew Hub’s expanded Lakeland, Florida, brewery. The first beer hitting the line is Lowcountry Pilsner, a light, crisp lager at 4.5 percent alcohol by volume and 17 IBUs. Additional beers in the Palmetto Brewing can series will be announced in the coming months.

This will make the beer available in Palmetto Brewing’s tasting room, on site at the Brew Hub (making it the only place in Florida to get it), and at locations throughout South Carolina.

“Palmetto is one of the Southeast’s oldest and most well-known breweries,” said Tim Schoen, founder and CEO of Brew Hub. “We are thrilled to have them as a partner and to help them offer cans for the first time in their 23-year history. This new partnership shows that no matter where you are in the life of your brewery, Brew Hub has a solution.”

“In today’s craft beer market offering cans is not an option, it’s a necessity,” said John Planty, CEO of Palmetto Brewing. “After researching all of our options, Brew Hub was the perfect fit. Not only do they produce excellent beer, their quality control and lab services are second-to-none. Their team shares our passion for craft beer, and they are a welcome solution to a brewery without a canning line.”

Founded in 1993, Palmetto Brewing produced approximately 8,000 barrels (112,000 cases) of beer in 2015. The partnership with Brew Hub will allow the company to increase its volume to nearly 11,500 barrels (160,000 cases) annually.