Brian Grossman Of Sierra Nevada Is Not A Fan Of “Bad Beer”

It shouldn’t come as a shock, but Brian Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder’s son and runner of the brewery’s Mills River, North Carolina facility, is not a fan of bad beer.
I caught up with him at this past BeerCamp in Tampa, where he explained to me what he believes will be the most difficult part for the craft beer industry in the next few years.
“The hardest part is, to be quite honest, bad beer. There’s plenty of people that don’t put the right passion into the beers that they’re making.”
“I hear all this talk about craft beer, ‘What is it? Let me try it and let me experience it.’ So they go to their local beer, they try a local beer, and if its fantastic, they’re like ‘Oh my god there’s a whole other world of beer out there’, and we all know that the craft beer drinker is promiscuous, and they drink around. But once they get a great beer in them, they’re in our world. Versus when they go to their local bar, local brewery, and the beer is not well executed, they go ‘Man, I gave this thing called craft a try and I don’t understand the hype’. You’re not paying the respect that so many people have put in, so much time, energy, effort and passion, into the beers that they craft. It’s bad beer.”