Pecan Coffee Old Fashioned at Tap 42 Boca

This past Wednesday I was invited out to Tap42 to sample some of their newer menu items, including this above pictured William Wolf Pecan Whiskey with mocha syrup, chocolate bitters, and ‘spices’. I’ve been getting intrigued by cocktails lately, and though this is a beer-focused blog, I will on occasion let my spirits linger. This Pecan-Coffee Old Fashioned was, in the camp of Old Fashioned drinks, quite remarkable. It’s a shame, though, that I now see that I’ve begun to waver away from the drink and into gin… but I digress…


There was a group of us, a handful of local bloggers and newspaper writers, from such varied parts of the media such as regional magazines and indie freelance publications. It’s good to see some familiar faces and meet new ones, as food writers tend to be a jovial folk. Because who doesn’t like good food?


In addition to the beverages that were offered, we were brought samples of the expanded appetizer menu, which brought quite a bit like the bacon and sweet corn guacamole and the Korean chicken lettuce wraps. The cream of the top, for me, was crispy Asian calamari, a decadent tower of squid power, complete with an Asian slaw and sesame ginger aioli. Killer.

Tap42 in Boca Raton is a popular destination for after-work professionals, a sort-of ‘once-in-a-while’ splurge of interesting food with a craft beer selection that isn’t over-the-top that includes a cocktail option. In other words, the perfect place to get a small group together that might have some slightly different interests.