Boulevard Brewing Company’s Saison Brett 2017 – Out of Towner Review

Saison Brett is the latest in Boulevard Brewing Co.’s line of aggressively flavorful beers under the Smokestack Series, and have been bringing their beers to Florida since October of 2014.

Here, we’re greeted by a bottle conditioned and dry hopped saison that’s based on the ever popular Tank 7, being conditioned with Brettanomyces. According to the Boulevard sales sheet, it’s been “given three months of bottle age prior to release … further cellaring will continue to enhance the ‘Brett’ character, if that’s what you’re after.”


Opening the 750ml cork-and-cage bottle, this 8.5% alcohol by volume beer pours a sunny orange with rocky stark-white head that leaves an incredible lacing around the glass. Aromas are slightly sweet but full of herbal characters; ‘Brett’-ful in their nuance. I let the bottle sit only an extra three weeks before popping the cork, which let out a champagne-like fwomp to reveal its liquid.


From the bottle, there’s high levels of effervescence which is incredibly appropriate for the style and conditioning. It drinks well, again like a fine champagne; biscuity, peppery, slightly alcohol sweet with a dry cracker finish. Across all temperature ranges out of the refrigerator it works well, with warmer temperatures bringing out sweetness.


For Boulevard to take the already fantastic Tank 7 and create something new is to invite disaster, but they’ve executed this well, providing a boost to an already delicious saison experience.

Out of Towner is a column to bring in commercial beers from outside of Florida and see if they stack up to a tasting test. We’ll review them just like our Florida-based friends! 

Boulevard Brewing Company provided samples to us, but did not ask for a review of any kind.