About TheBeerTaster

*Takes a sip*

Yep, tastes like beer.

These are the immortal words from my wife just about every time she samples a malted beverage. It’s either ‘dark beer’ flavored (anything with a heavy malt bill), ‘tastes like grapefruit’ (anything with hops), of it just ‘tastes like beer’.

It’s really the perfect sentiment for the craft beer world, especially for me. Since 2010, with a mild break in between, I’ve been increasingly stepping up my home brewing game; starting on extract kits to producing my own all-grain recipes that have finally won over friends and family. Since 2013, I’ve been the craft beer contributor for the Broward – Palm Beach New Times, a ~50k circulation alternative weekly (ie. local politics, food, and lots of ‘asian massage’ ads) publication.

In that time, I’ve found a lot of the beer blogging and journalism to be… banal. Beer reviews can be pretentious. Hell, craft beer people can be pretentious. Especially the #whalezbro crowd. You know the type: only seeking the newest, most popular, and rarest beers. Not here. Sure, I care about them and will put in the effort to acquire them when possible, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing like cracking open a can of Cigar City Jai Alai, or grabbing cases of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA for a house party.

These days I keep up with the day-to-day social networking of Due South Brewing Company, as well as new merchandise, glassware, overall physical and digital advertising, press releases, and a host of other brewery-related shenanigans.

I hope to bring a Millennial’s sensibility to craft beer (whatever that means). I’ll be focusing as much as I can on the burgeoning South Florida craft beer scene, but with the occasional national beer coverage. If you’ve read this far, kudos. I hope to see you around again.

-Doug Fairall